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Sorrows & Songs wins ReaderViews Award for the Readers' Favorite

- Sponsored Prize 2017

Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Sorrows & Songs" is a consistently compelling read from cover to cover. Candid, insightful, moving, memorable, "Sorrows & Songs" is unreservedly recommended for community and academic library Contemporary American Biography collections. For personal reading lists it should be noted that "Sorrows & Songs" is also available in a Kindle format.

Small Press Bookwatch - March 2017 - Midwest Book Review


I just finished reading your memoir Sorrows & Songs. Thank you for sharing your experiences, observations, anguish and exhilaration and so much more. It took great courage to write from the depths of your being. I am in awe and wish I lived next door to run over and tell you in person.
Elizabeth Bauer | Ferndale, Michigan | Michigan Women's Hall of Fame Inductee

I really think your book cover and title are both excellent. Clouds convey not just sadness, but also beauty and something ethereal that reflects your story. What is exceptional and admirable about the author's personal and professional life is her ability to break through the barriers of tradition with thoughtfulness and grace.
Felicia Sobel | New York City |Social Worker

I am enjoying reading about your life in your voice and sometimes feel that you are in the room with me recounting your life stories.  I admire the courage as well as the honesty of your narrative.
Deirdre Weliky | Long Island, New York | Social Worker

Just finished your memoir.  What a ride!   It was such a joy to read. I have been recommending it to all.  
Marthanne Luzader | Thrall, Texas | Training and Development

What an amazing story - with complete understanding about why it was important that you wrote it.
Madeleine Ring | New York City | Fine Art Photographer | Retired Corporate Executive

Frank and often startling, Wetzel's life story is one of great courage and triumph over adversity.  Emerging from harrowing experiences as a child and young woman, she forges and shapes an extraordinary professional and personal life.  Her achievements as social work educator and her leadership roles in women's rights and other social justice movements are remarkable.  "Sorrows & Songs" should be a source of inspiration for women of all ages.  Writing about herself with humility and grace, Wetzel demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit.
Bette Kerr | New York City | Professor Emerita

I must tell you, Jan, how much I appreciate your book. The nature and accomplishments of your life are so impressive, as is the way you present your life on paper. I was engrossed throughout and moved to goose bumps by a number of passages.
Elspeth Macdonald | Brooklyn, New York | Writer

It's such a beautiful, heartbreaking and inspiring story that taught me so much about courage and honesty. Thank you for writing it. Your life story made me feel that the core of the human spirit is indestructible and somehow, some way, it finds a path back to its Source.
Frances Key | Neptune Beach, Florida | Teacher, Songwriter, Writer

I want to tell you how your absorbing and astonishing memoir left me struggling to reconcile the very competent and personable woman I knew with the lonely child portrayed in the book.  It is a testimony to your extraordinary strength that you were able to build such a productive and contributory life from such a challenging start.  I admire, too, your decision to write so openly about many difficult experiences.
Elaine Marshack | Greenwich Village, New York City | Professor Emerita of Social Work

Kudos for your beautiful, poignant, meaningful and well-written memoir. You have addressed some profound issues with wide implications.  Most important is the resilience with which you survived . I am very proud of you for writing it, proud of what you have accomplished, and proud to be included among your friends.
Kay Burch | Oaxaca, Mexico | Retired Non-Profit Executive

I want to say again that it takes a tremendous amount of courage to write what you have written and to trust me with your life story. I just want you to know that I value your openness. I also admire that you are willing to work so hard at a time when most people are ready to take it easy.
Leslie Rubin | Brooklyn, New York | Editor

I began your wonderful and inspiring memoir late last night and seriously could not put it down. I laughed, cried and marked in pencil many well written sentences I want to remember. It's because of the work and leadership you and other women fought for that has afforded many women, including myself, to make choices in our marriages and work and have a sense of satisfaction with our lives.  Thank you!
Moira Curtain | Professor of Social Work

Your memoir is riveting.  You are such an excellent writer.  All I can say at this point is that you are one helleva woman to have achieved all that you have, given your start in life.  You have my admiration.
Kathleen Winell | New York City | Retired Executive

I have just finished your book. It is so much I want to say that I don't have words for in English. I was deeply moved.
Anders Furucrona | Eskede, Sweden | MD and Social Worker