Janice Wood Wetzel

Janice Wood Wetzel

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Sorrows & Songs, One Lifetime – Many Lives’ by Janice Wood Wetzel on Blogcritics.

As a fan of memoirs I was impressed with “Sorrows & Songs, One Lifetime – Many Lives” by Janice Wood Wetzel, not just because of her life, but also because of how she chose to share it with readers like me. She starts in the early 1930s when she was a little girl and takes the reader through the journey of a woman through the 20th century and into the 21st Century. Her heart wrenching, and even traumatizing experiences contrast with her strong will, infinite courage, and amazing accomplishments. Yet, her vulnerability is what will get the reader. From a difficult childhood under alcoholic parents, being a depression patient who undergoes electroshock treatments, to the search of self-identity and love, Janice opens her life for all women, inviting them to peek inside and get inspired by this vignette style memoir.

Wetzel’s voice comes across loud and clear through her candid narrative prose within each vignette. The words flow almost like a melody, each one giving the reader a punch line…a message. Her writing style and choice of formatting is very clever and effective. I found myself not only learning from her experiences, but also relating and enjoying each one as standalone stories as much as parts of a whole book. As a woman traveling my own journey, I appreciate the candidness and could relate to many of the things she had to face during such evolving times for women. I just wish the format was a little more entertaining in order to hook younger crowds into such an amazing and inspiring journey.

“Sorrows & Songs, One Lifetime – Many Lives” by Janice Wood Wetzel should definitely be read by women in all stages of their lives, and those men who are wise enough to learn more about what it is like to be a woman.

Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (05/17)

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Inside Scoop Live interviewed Janice Wood Wetzel covering a number of topics including: The Profession of Social Work, Woman and the United Nations, and Woman and Mental Health from a Global Perspective.

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Janice’s perspective on photography has been influenced by her profession as a social work educator and dean. She has been an NGO Representative at the United Nations since 1988. For more than forty years, she has been committed to an international understanding of human rights and respect for the dignity and worth of all people. Those values are inherent in her photographs of the world's people, architecture, and urban and rural scenes.

Wetzel’s extensive portfolio includes images of New York City where she lives, as well as distinctive photographs from all over the United States. Her work has taken her to virtually every region of the globe where she has had the opportunity to photograph patterns and places that evoke the spirit of each unique culture. An appreciation of their intrinsic elements of design, and her respect for their artistic contributions to the world is inherent in each picture.

Check out her website www.janicewoodwetzel.com to view collections of her photographs.


The World’s Women Unite in Diversity
Janice has chosen to reprint the attached article regarding the United Nations because it provides a context for the current challenge on behalf of women and girls.